Admission in Language Schools

International Students can opt for learning English or French language in stand alone Schools which specialize in language training. There are over two hundred different language programs offered to international students ranging from IELTS/TOEFL /TEF preparation to TEFL and other specialized programs.

Entry into these programs in quite flexible. Students are assessed for their current language skills and accordingly placed in their level of training.

Students who want to study English or French language in Canada for upto six months, are not required to obtain a study. However, they must have a valid status in Canada like Visitor Visa or work permit. If they intend to study more than six months in Canada, they would need to apply for a Study Permit.

International Students who intend to pursue further studies after completing their language program in Canada, may study the language course at the same college or university, after which they get admitted into their major course of study.

International Students are not authorized to work while a language course in Canada.

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