Study in Canada


Study in Canada:

Canada is a leading Study Abroad Destination for International Students. It attracts international students to come to Canada and study in Canadian Schools, Colleges and Universities. In last ten years, Canada jumped up the table from 9th to 4th position as the leading Study Abroad Destination, after USA, China and the UK.  In 2019, Canada issued 615000 study permits.

In 2014, Canada Introduced ISP-International Students Program, to attract international students. In 2019 a new International Student strategy was introduced that focuses on diversification of the countries from which international students come to Canada, as well as their fields, levels of study, and location of study within Canada.

International students in Canada are allowed to study from Kindergarten to Ph.D. They have different options of studying in Canada, such as, English or French language schools, K12 Schooling, Career Colleges, Community colleges, Universities. 

Canada is a preferred study abroad destination due to its post graduate work permit (upto three years) opportunity to international students that may lead to Permanent Residence in Canada.

During their studies, International students at post secondary level are allowed to work part time (20 hours per week)  during term period, besides unlimited hours on campus. During vacations, they can do full time job.

International students at post secondary are also allowed to bring their spouse and children to Canada. Their spouse can work full time with an open work permit whereas their children are allowed to study at K12 schools without paying any tuition fee.


Since 2014, Canadian institutions accepting international students must be designated. They are given a DLI number. Students need to get an admission offer /Letter of Acceptance from a DLI in order to apply for study permit.

Students destined to study in Quebec are required to obtain CAQ from ministry in Quebec before applying for their study permit.

Majority of the Courses at Canadian schools start from September (Fall intake). Popular programs also have a January(winter intake) and / or May(summer intake) intake as well.


Students planning to study in Canada are advised to start their admission and visa process 6-12 months prior depending upon their level of study. For admission in high School, Career and Community colleges, ideally students should start process 6-9 months in advance. For admission in university, students should start admission 9-12 months prior.

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Get Letter of Acceptance from DLI
  3. Apply for CAQ (For studies in Quebec)
  4. Apply for Study permit
  5. Fly to Canada


With our two decades of relevant experience, we can advise and assist international students better than others. Our Chief Counsel is a Qualified Counsellor for Study in Canada (Canada Course Graduate #001423) besides being a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant.

Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Assessment of student profile, interest and career aspiration
  2. Course & institution selection as per the student profile
  3. Admission application submission
  1. Visa file Compilation, Submission and representation before IRCC.
  2. Pre-departure briefing
  3. Post arrival guidance for settlement
  4. Future assistance with Study permit extension, Post graduate work permit, PR application, etc.

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